Prevention of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

Prevention of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

The most important rule in the fight against hemorrhoids is to avoid self-treatment. The examination and treatment prescribed by your doctor, in this case, plays a big role in eliminating the disease. If prescribed medications do not suit a person, the doctor will always be able to replace them with alternative medications and suggest other methods of treatment. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, ointments containing heparin, tablets, suppositories for healing and relieving inflammation, painkillers, hemostatic agents, flavonoids can be prescribed.

For speedy recovery, seniors must:

Change their lifestyle, increase their movement, and try to avoid keeping their body at one position for too long.

Follow a diet.

Increase fluid intake, in the morning you can drink two glasses of boiled water.

Reduce excess weight.

Drink vitamins containing iron.

Avoid using toilet paper and wash under cool, and clean water.

Change drugs and get a second consultation with a doctor.

Prevent constipation.

Add more vegetables as well as fruits into the diet. It is desirable, at least once a day, to eat bran, they can help clean the intestines and stimulate the metabolism in your body.

In severe cases of the disease, it can be essential to conduct surgical treatment, by complete excision of the nodes or by imposing a special ring on the hemorrhoid site. The second method is simpler and easier as the knot tightened by the ring ceases & gradually dies off on its own. Afterward, it just falls off when the intestines are emptied.

Disease prevention:

Preventing hemorrhoids is much easier than treating it later. For the prevention of hemorrhoids, one should resort to a number of measures that will save a person from future health problems:

The main thing is proper nutrition. Reduce intake of spicy, fatty and fast food.

Consume adequate water on a regular basis, not less than two liters per day.

Take the required sleep and proper rest after the working day.

Increase the intake of fruits, dairy products, as well as cereals.

Do not delay when you’re required to empty your bowels. Do not overstress when emptying.

Follow a suitable exercise routine.

Use prescribed medication for the prevention of venous diseases.

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New Medicare cards: What you need to know?

New Medicare cards: What you need to know?

As seniors across the country get newand safer Medicare cards, lawyers warn against fraudulent people trying to getpeople to pay money or disclose personal information. Go to the following site for a Humana advantage plan
Gradually, the government is replacingthe Medicare cards of 60 million persons who participate in the state healthplan. In the past, the cards used the beneficiary’s social security number as aMedicare number, which represented a risk of identity theft. The congresscommissioned a change in 2015.

“It took a lot of time, but it isin the works,” said Sue Greeno of the non profit Center for the Defense ofMedicare. The new cards use an 11-digit Medicareidentifier that contains numbers and letters, such as the Center for Medicareand Medicaid Services, the agency that operates Medicare.
Although the cards are safer,criminals are always looking out for new ways of cheating, said Amy Nofziger,an AARP fraud specialist. Recent group calls against fraud show that somepeople have received calls that require a fee to issue a new Medicare card orrequest personal information before a new one can be issued.

Such calls are false. “The cardis free,” said Ms. Nofziger and will be sent automatically.
The Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices, says that Medicare will never call you without being asked to ask youto provide private or personal information to get your new Medicare number andcard.”
The government started sending thecards in the spring. However, since the emails are sent in batches, peopleshould not panic when a friend or relative in another state receives a new cardbefore them, so says a Medicare administrator. The agency is approximatelyhalf-way in the mailing order. It recently started sending cards to those inSouth Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. The mailingbegan in July in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the rest of New England.

You can see a specific section of website where the cards were sent, and you can enter your emailaddress to receive notification when shipments begin in your state.
Here are some questions and answersconcerning the new Medicare card: Q. TheMedicare website says that new cards have been sent to my state, but I do nothave any. What do I do? A.According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, cards are sent ineach wave. The agency advise that you check your account at toknow if one has been sent. (If you do not have an account, you need to set upan account).

Everyone in Medicare must have a newcard by April. But during a transition period, doctors would accept old cardsuntil December 31, 2019, according to the Center for Medicare and MedicaidServices. Q.What do I do with my old Medicare card? A. Onceyou have received the new card, you can take it to your doctor and destroy yourprevious card, informs the agency. A staff of AARP advises the use an oldshredder to render the old card useless.

Your Investment in Retirement requires you to be Flexible

Your Investment in Retirement requires you to be Flexible

Flexibility is a term that means a lot especially forthose people in business. At the age of retirement or after you have retired,the first thing that comes to mind an investment. Am not saying that investingafter your retirement is bad but the point am trying to drive home here is thatyou need to be flexible. Someone will ask what I can do with my investment sothat I can be able to be flexible. There are a number of way of being flexibleand enhancing flexibility of your investment after your retirement.

Youmust be able to discover and be open to changes in business

The world is characterized by constant economicshifts. This is what business experts refer it to as economic shifts. Yourbusiness or investment will also be affected by the dynamic shift in economic.This will affect prices, incomes and revenue. With such changes, you need to beready, recognize and be ready for such changes in business section. Suchchanges are very common and normal. The changes should not give you sleeplessnights as that would not be good for your retirement. Your retirement should befun and should not be a source of strain.

Alwaysdesign changes to suit the changing trends

Considering that business investment is not static,you need to be prepared in designing solutions to the changes. For example, ifthere is a stiff price was being initiated by your rivals, just make sure thatyou either adjust your product prices as well as keep your prices constant sothat you operate on normal profits rather supernormal profits. It is important,also, to seek the advices of business experts so that you can have ideas on howto identify and act accordingly as far as business shifts are concerned. Look to 2020 and get a supplement plan at

Youropen mindedness is very important

A closed minded person who has invested in businessafter a retirement may not live long with the shift in economy. This is becausethey are not open to changes and ideas that can help them survive the tryingtimes in business. As a retired investor, you need to be open to advice and youshould not take those advises from employees for granted. As an old senior, youneed to be a good listener rather than that person who will stick to his/herown thoughts.

You Need to Know the Right time to Quit Business

You Need to Know the Right time to Quit Business

In business, a person does not quit doing business forpersonal reasons. I would like you to think of a scenario where a businessexecutive resigns because of personal reasons. A person who resigns will citepersonal reasons but the actual reason is that he/she has foreseen some of thechallenges that might face the business and feels like he/she might not be in agood position to handle them. As much as quitting is okay, you need to find theright time to do so. You don’t simply quit a business because of personalreasons. If the business is doing fine and you are being faced by otherpersonal issues, your issues are separate from that of the business. If thebusiness is doing fine, then let it be.

Personalreason should not have influence on your investments

Personal reasons are things that can be handledseparately. With that idea, as a person who has retired, you need to make sureyou quit only when the time is right. Someone will ask what the right time toquit is. The right time to quit is when you age does not allow you to manageyour investment. In some case, we might not be in a good position to manage ourbusinesses or investments basically because out age does not allow us to. Thisis a personal issue that should not have an impact on your business. Let yourbusiness continue running even when your old age does not allow you to. Whatyou need to do is appoint someone from your family to help you in the management of your business.

When something is wrong, do not expose yourdisappointment as people may maliciously advice you to quit. It is important tomake sure that you keep your personal and business issues a secret. Businesssecrets are those things that no outsider should allowed to lay hands on nomatter what. You will agree with me that it is better to sell your businessshares to someone closer rather that winding up the business altogether. If youfeel like you are too tired to run your business, you need to sell the sharesbut remain as the major shareholder. This is an alternative way of making surethat you leave a business that will remain as you legacy even when you aregone. Never let personal issues drive you to quitting a business. Plans for 2020 supplement plans are available at

Never be Overconfident after Investing during your Retirement

Never be Overconfident after Investing during your Retirement

The worst thing you can do after you have invested atthe age of 65. Overconfidence is the feeling that makes you feel likeeverything will be okay and will go as expected. If you have just retired, youdon’t need to be confident that whenever you lay your hand on any investment everything will go smoothly. That is basically being overconfident and that isnot the best way to think things as far as investments after retirement isconcerned. There are a number of reasons why being overconfident is very dangerous.Here are some of the reasons why being overconfident when investing after retirement is not right. Get a supplement plan quote at

Overconfidenceis a barrier to investment success

Investment after you retire is not a brain surgery butas soon as you start thinking highly of your abilities the next thing is thatyou will start to ignore those fine details that could make a huge negativechange. There are those unfortunate things that are called risks. When peopleare overconfident, they tend to ignore risks that are imminent to the wellbeingof the business. That is not right basically because any investment requires akeen understanding and attention to all the details especially those thatpresent themselves are risks. Risk are a source of barriers to your investmentand if we conclude that overconfidence is also a barrier to success in yourinvestment, then I could be speaking the truth.

Overconfidenceis a pothole that keeps widening day after day

A good performer is that person who can be able toinvest and remain vigilant to every single detail in his/her investment. If youhave just retired, you need to act and think like a performer. A performer isthat person who makes sure that every single loophole in an investment is dealtwith. Never allow cracks to water down your efforts and you need to alwaysappear like a performer rather than a loser.

The success of your business will depend on building confidencealong your investment. It is not advisable for you to be overconfident aboutyour abilities even if you have done a successful investment before. You alwaysneed to keep in mind that not all investments will go right. You need to bewareof challenges and setbacks that might come with your investments. Yourconfidence is crucial and never be overconfident.

A Retiree Investor should understand the History of the Market

A Retiree Investor should understand the History of the Market

For most of the retirees, investing in stocks and bondis a very common thing. With that idea in mind, if you have just retired andyou want to invest in stocks, there are a number of things that you need tounderstand in the market before investing in such stocks. There are a number ofreasons why you need to make sure that you study the market well beforeinvesting anything in it. It through mastering this market history that youwill be able to design the right tactics crucial for surviving in the market.

Neverpull you money out of the market at the wrong time

Having a better understanding of market history willhelp you understand the market trends. If you don’t understand well the trendsof the prevailing market, it will be impossible to invest during the righttime. Sometimes you need to invest when the market is recovering. That pointwhen the market has started recovering is the best opportunity for you toinvest and make sure start gaining right from that point when the market hasstarted to recovery. You must be able to study the history of the market justlike when you are studying the candle sticks of a trading session. Investingwithout having an objective could end you in debts and could drain all yourretirement benefits. Find quotes for 2019 medicare supplements at

Don’toverreact to market dips and corrections

Sometimes, risks are difficult to avoid and for thatall you need to know is just put in place the right strategies to correct it.Market dips may come with a number of setbacks especially if you are a newinvestor who have never done it before. Your retirement provides you with anopportunity to patiently wait for the right time for the market to recover. Itis therefore important to invest on long term basis and believe that the futureis bright and will come with the expected growth.
Patience is required before you can start earning fromyour investments. Seniors are always known to be patient and your patience isrequired after you have invested in stock market. The most important thing isbasically having market history at the finger tips. It is through studying themarket history that you can get to understand the market trends. You need alsoto welcome the advices of those people who have been down that route before.

Prescription Drug Insurance and Medicare AARP advantage plan Insurance

Prescription Drug Insurance and Medicare AARP advantage plan Insurance

Currently, there are two ways to getMedicare prescription drugs. The first is through an independent prescriptiondrug plan of Medicare Part D. The second option is the selection of a MedicareAdvantage plan, which offers prescription drug coverage, also known as thePrescription Drug Plan of Medicare Advantage. Prescription drug coverage isoptional and you can buy it from private insurance companies that subscribe toMedicare.
Some AARP advantage planal Medicare(Medigap) plans sold before January 1, 2006 provide limited coverage forprescription drugs. However, these plans are no longer available. All Medigappolicies sold after this date are not covered for prescription drugs. Find a AARP 2019 advantage plan here

Medigap plans with prescription drugs.

If you enjoy old Medigap insurancewith prescription drug coverage, check with your insurer to see if thiscoverage is acceptable. If so, you can maintain the policy. However, read theannual notice about eligible plan coverage to make sure you can be creditedfrom one year to the next. The plan should send you this message in Septemberof each year.
If your prescription drug coverage isnot acceptable, here are some options for obtaining additional drug coverage: Option #1: You may enroll for aprescription drug plan of Medicare Part D and keep your Medigap policy. Beforemaking this change, you must first compare the coverage you now have with thecoverage provided in the Medicare Part D plans available in your area.

Important note: You cannot have a PartD prescription drug plan of Medicare and a Medigap policy with prescriptiondrug coverage. If you join a prescription drug plan of Medicare Part D, youmust inquire from your Medigap insurer to withdraw your prescription drug protectionfrom your Medigap insurance and adjust your premium. Remember, you will not beable to recover this coverage once the drug coverage of your Medigap policy hasbeen eliminated.

Option # 2: You may choose not toparticipate in Medigap plan and obtain all your Medicare coverage via aPrescription Drug plan of Medicare Advantage. Before making this change, youmust first carefully compare all the medical and prescription benefits you nowhave with the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans available in yourarea.
Important: If you join a Part Dprescription drug plan of Medicare and enroll in a Prescription Drug plan ofMedicare Advantage, you will automatically disenroll from the prescription drugplan of Medicare Part D.

Medigap AARP advantage plan plans withno prescription drug coverage.
There are three options for you if yousubscribed for Original Medicare, and a Medicare AARP advantage plan plan withno coverage for prescription drug:
Option 1: keep everything andparticipate in a separate prescription drug plan of Medicare Part D.
Option # 2: Cancel the registration ofyour Medicare AARP advantage plan insurance plan and obtain your benefits fromMedicare Part D and Original Medicare through a Prescription Drug plan ofMedicare Advantage.
Option 3: keep everything as it is andgo without a prescription. Again, this coverage is optional, but if you chooseto add it at a specific time, you may be charged a late entry fee.

Investing after you Retire requires you not to Fear Corrections

Investing after you Retire requires you not to Fear Corrections

After my retirement from a government job as a HealthRecords and Information Manager, I must confess that I knew nothing aboutinvesting and I knew that doing business is something you do so that you canget some profits or returns from it. With that idea in mind, it is important tobear in mind that if you are retiring from a different line of work that has nothing to do with money and business ideas, you need to be in a position to be open to ideas and correction from those seasoned experts you trust. It is alsocrucial not to do things according to your perception. Dong things without welcoming correction may see your business fall before you survive for a year or two. Enroll in a 2019 medicare advantage plan here

Benefitsaccrued from accepting corrections

There are a number of benefits that you will end upgetting from accepting corrections. The first benefit is that as your age,corrections will help you learn new ways of doing business and managing yourinvestments. Considering that you are doing business for the first time, itwill be noble of you to welcome correction from those people who have been inbusiness for a very long period. There are those friend who when you wereworking were in business and those are the right people who will keepcorrecting you whenever you go towards the wrong direction. There is no one whois perfect in business and so is a retired person who has an eye on starting abusiness.

Usecorrections to gain experience of running your business

A good retiree who have dived in business should nottake corrections as a way of belittling them. In fact you should be happy andwelcome corrections so that you can use them as experience to better yourbusiness in future. Some of us might be too personal that we only want ourideas to be applied in our investments. That is right but your ideas might notbe right at all times. It is important to welcome other ideas in form ofcorrection, weight them before implementing them. However if such correctiondon’t work well for you, you have the right to drop them.
In conclusion, you don’t need to be a hard headedretiree but be a wise investor who accepts correction and uses those correctionto enhance his/her investments.