New Medicare cards: What you need to know?

New Medicare cards: What you need to know?

As seniors across the country get newand safer Medicare cards, lawyers warn against fraudulent people trying to getpeople to pay money or disclose personal information. Go to the following site for a Humana advantage plan
Gradually, the government is replacingthe Medicare cards of 60 million persons who participate in the state healthplan. In the past, the cards used the beneficiary’s social security number as aMedicare number, which represented a risk of identity theft. The congresscommissioned a change in 2015.

“It took a lot of time, but it isin the works,” said Sue Greeno of the non profit Center for the Defense ofMedicare. The new cards use an 11-digit Medicareidentifier that contains numbers and letters, such as the Center for Medicareand Medicaid Services, the agency that operates Medicare.
Although the cards are safer,criminals are always looking out for new ways of cheating, said Amy Nofziger,an AARP fraud specialist. Recent group calls against fraud show that somepeople have received calls that require a fee to issue a new Medicare card orrequest personal information before a new one can be issued.

Such calls are false. “The cardis free,” said Ms. Nofziger and will be sent automatically.
The¬†Centers for Medicare and MedicaidServices, says that Medicare will never call you without being asked to ask youto provide private or personal information to get your new Medicare number andcard.”
The government started sending thecards in the spring. However, since the emails are sent in batches, peopleshould not panic when a friend or relative in another state receives a new cardbefore them, so says a Medicare administrator. The agency is approximatelyhalf-way in the mailing order. It recently started sending cards to those inSouth Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. The mailingbegan in July in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the rest of New England.

You can see a specific section of website where the cards were sent, and you can enter your emailaddress to receive notification when shipments begin in your state.
Here are some questions and answersconcerning the new Medicare card: Q. TheMedicare website says that new cards have been sent to my state, but I do nothave any. What do I do? A.According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, cards are sent ineach wave. The agency advise that you check your account at toknow if one has been sent. (If you do not have an account, you need to set upan account).

Everyone in Medicare must have a newcard by April. But during a transition period, doctors would accept old cardsuntil December 31, 2019, according to the Center for Medicare and MedicaidServices. Q.What do I do with my old Medicare card? A. Onceyou have received the new card, you can take it to your doctor and destroy yourprevious card, informs the agency. A staff of AARP advises the use an oldshredder to render the old card useless.