Prevention of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

Prevention of Hemorrhoids in Senior Citizens

The most important rule in the fight against hemorrhoids is to avoid self-treatment. The examination and treatment prescribed by your doctor, in this case, plays a big role in eliminating the disease. If prescribed medications do not suit a person, the doctor will always be able to replace them with alternative medications and suggest other methods of treatment. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, ointments containing heparin, tablets, suppositories for healing and relieving inflammation, painkillers, hemostatic agents, flavonoids can be prescribed.

For speedy recovery, seniors must:

Change their lifestyle, increase their movement, and try to avoid keeping their body at one position for too long.

Follow a diet.

Increase fluid intake, in the morning you can drink two glasses of boiled water.

Reduce excess weight.

Drink vitamins containing iron.

Avoid using toilet paper and wash under cool, and clean water.

Change drugs and get a second consultation with a doctor.

Prevent constipation.

Add more vegetables as well as fruits into the diet. It is desirable, at least once a day, to eat bran, they can help clean the intestines and stimulate the metabolism in your body.

In severe cases of the disease, it can be essential to conduct surgical treatment, by complete excision of the nodes or by imposing a special ring on the hemorrhoid site. The second method is simpler and easier as the knot tightened by the ring ceases & gradually dies off on its own. Afterward, it just falls off when the intestines are emptied.

Disease prevention:

Preventing hemorrhoids is much easier than treating it later. For the prevention of hemorrhoids, one should resort to a number of measures that will save a person from future health problems:

The main thing is proper nutrition. Reduce intake of spicy, fatty and fast food.

Consume adequate water on a regular basis, not less than two liters per day.

Take the required sleep and proper rest after the working day.

Increase the intake of fruits, dairy products, as well as cereals.

Do not delay when you’re required to empty your bowels. Do not overstress when emptying.

Follow a suitable exercise routine.

Use prescribed medication for the prevention of venous diseases.

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